Space Wolves II

by Space Wolves

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6th Street 02:27
I get my drugs on the corner of 6th street, ‘Cause all my white friends charge too much. I keep on saying that I’ll kick the habit. I never do, ‘cause I love to lose touch. And I take another puff. I just can’t get enough, ‘Cause I love to lose touch. When we met, I fell so quickly. I didn't know you’d leave such scars. You turned me to an alcoholic, And I’m too young for the bars. So I take another shot. I drink up all I got, ‘Cause I love to lose touch. And I keep on replaying it time, and time, and time. And I can’t remember the last time I felt fine. I want to be numb. When I court that idle mistress And ruminate on my regrets, I take a swig and roll another Marijuana cigarette. And I’m blinded by the hash, and drowned in sour mash, ‘Cause I love to lose touch.
Stay 02:45
I wanted you to stay. None of my fantasies came to a close With you leaving right away. My eyes welled up as you gathered your clothes. But we should be with one another, Because you stir my heart. But you love me like a brother, And it’s tearing me apart. I've been in pain since you walked away. Crying in vain since you walked away. I wanted you to stay, But I knew it was over from that look on your face, And now my life’s in disarray. With only memories of a single embrace.
Issue 363 00:12
Yeah, all I want to be Yeah, all I really ever want to be Is to be on the cover of Maximum Rocknroll Issue 363.
City Hall 01:09
Let me take you down to City Hall Because I like you most of all. Let me take you down to City Hall because I like you.
It’s been two weeks since I have left my floor ‘Cause you won’t talk to me, not anymore. You asked for passion, but I came up short. I don’t know how to be the passionate sort. I watched you go. Why can’t I be with you? My stomach was in knots to watch you pack. Now, all I think of is that I want you back. I saw you walking around by your new street. I turned my eyes so that we wouldn't meet. I watched you go.
Disjointed 02:40
Hey, you've got a disjointed way about you. First you love me, then I find I’m without you. Sometimes you’re water, and sometime you’re gasoline. Hey, you keep your feeling hidden behind a curtain. You love to wind me up and leave me uncertain. I’m always grasping for a shed of stability. Hey. I feel like you’re ashamed of being seen with me. Something about my smile you find obscene. Your eyes are always wandering astray. It’s obvious our love is in decay. Hey, your room is always filled with screaming and swearing. It drives me crazy, makes me lose all my bearing. You shrug it off. Am I so easy to ignore? Hey, you’re calling other men but never phone me. Out drinking every night and leaving me lonely, But when you need a hand, it’s me you’re looking towards. I feel like you’re ashamed of being seen with me. Something about my air you find obscene. Your eyes are always wandering astray. It’s obvious our love is in decay.
All the Talk 02:53
I keep my secrets guarded and stay locked in my home. Are my secrets worth the effort that I’m always alone? Is it true that they dislike me? Am I really that bad? Should I hide away in silence just to silence the gab? Do they talk me from the moment I turn my back? Are their tongues aligned against me, always on the attack? Am I really worth the effort of the slander and lies, Or is it a conspiracy inside of my mind? Will it always be so painful to be heard by any other man? Is it fear or is it loathing that makes me shy away? Is there something wrong with me that makes me feel so betrayed? And I’m afraid of everything that can be written in chalk. I’m afraid of everything, so why not fear all the talk? I’m always alone.
I see you looking through the record stacks, Your face reflecting in the glossy wax. I think about my old milk crates at home— Of times together that you’ll never know, ‘Cause I go home to spin records alone. Yeah, I always spin records alone. I go home to spin records alone. I always seem to spin records alone. I’ve wondered if you’ll ever notice me, If all those crates will still be yet unseen. There’s solace in the winding spiral scratch, But without you I still feel so detached. ‘Cause I don’t want to spin records alone. And I guess you’ll never know That I don’t want to spin records alone.
It’s not that you and I have changed, love, It’s just that we are not the same. And I’m sure you know. And don’t we both know. All the chiding and fighting and The transgressing and stressing and All the missing of kissing, it Ends, love.
I’m growing older—always—all the time, An adult in my shape but not my mind. I've never been so much so disinclined to be… My feet are weary every step I take. My eyes can barely seem to stay awake. I wonder if they think that I’m a mistake now. Why are Bastards the only loyal sons? Why are Bastards the only loyal ones? I’m not shadowed by an ever present cloud, But can’t help feeling that I’m always cowed To silly whims I’m rather sure are not my own. A good ambition never seemed to set, And competition only makes me sweat. A failure as a man and surely as a son. With bright hopes and aspirations Come failures, exasperations. As King Henry [II] said on his deathbed, “Why are Bastards the only loyal sons?”


released November 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Space Wolves Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, NY

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