Space Wolves III

by Space Wolves

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released April 20, 2013


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Space Wolves Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, NY

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Track Name: Nobody (But You)
When I rode by your house, you know, it came to me.
All the things I should say, you know, they came to me.

I don’t love nobody but you.
Track Name: Senecas
Oh, I know a place where they never charge you tax,
Where cigarettes, they cost three bucks a pack.
You take the 90 West to Irving or drive Route 5 without swerving
To that wonderland, The Cattaraugus Res.

And smoke your Senecas.
3 Bucks a pack.
Track Name: The Burn
“Why not lose yourself with me?”
You posed the question gently.
You pulled me towards you,
And I was at a loss for words.

You always had a way with moments,
But your real pleasure came from my torment.
You caught me with your eyes,
Then hung me out to dry.

You never call.
You show me no concern.
Don’t drag me down to Hell again,
‘Cause you’re not worth the burn.

You broke our plans at the last minute.
You said you’d make it, then you missed it.
You always let me down
And gave me the runaround.

But in your wake, you made me hate
Myself and all my silly traits
That made me lose your love.

There’s always just another story with you
And I can’t handle even one more excuse.
Your inaffection used to drive me so mad.
I've got no interest to relive what we had.
Track Name: Too Short
Am I too young to feel the way I do?
Am I content in my ineptitude?
Too slow, too slight to be admired.

Too short to kiss the tall girls,
Too plain to kiss the pretty.
My glasses don’t let anyone see me.
I’m too shy to kiss the brave girls,
Too dull to kiss the funny girls,
And no one wants to place a kiss on me.

And you’re too beautiful to love me too,
Too bright to have a dim bulb next to you.
Too kind, too warm to be my girl.

And even though I’m trying to be kinder,
And even though I’m trying to curb my flaws,
And even though I’m trying to, I just can’t quite live up to you,
So even though I’m trying to, I've lost.
Track Name: Short and Simple
I liked you better when your songs were short and simple.
Why’d you have to go and get complicated on me?
Track Name: The Interstate
I don’t want to go out and see my friends-- that burden never seems to end.
And I don’t want to go and do anything ‘cause nothing seems interesting.
And I don’t want to get up and face today; I’ll sleep through another day.
And I don’t want to live in this sorry state. I’ll leave on the interstate.

I don’t want to smoke another eighth of pot-- I didn't like the last I bought.
And I don’t want to drink up another case—it always ends up in disgrace.
And I don’t want to finish all that I've begun—I’m sure it won’t be any fun.
And I don’t want to live in this sorry state. I’ll leave on the interstate.
Track Name: (I'm) Pretty Sure (You Don't Want Me)
Is there anyone else you want me to be?
Is there anybody else you want me to be?

‘Cause I’m pretty sure you don’t want me,
And I’m pretty sure that I want you all the same.

Is there anyone else you want me to be?
Is there anybody else that I could be?

‘Cause selling my body for pennies on the street
Isn't making me lonely, it’s just leaving me beat.
Selling my body for pennies on the street
Is barely filling the holes in the shoes on my feet.
Track Name: Never (Ever)
I want you to know that I will never ever let you go.
And when you’re in my arms tonight, I’ll never let you go.
Track Name: Your [Live in] Girlfriend
If you’re wondering why we never hang out,
It’s ‘cause your girlfriend really sucks.
Track Name: (I Don't Want) to Be Your Girl
The hours I spent thinking of her,
Hoping she’d think of me,
Meant nothing to her. She couldn't see
All that she meant to me.

And she said, “I don’t want to be your girl. You’re not the boy that makes my heart twirl.”

An evening in March, the day that I chose
To share all my dreams with her—
No moment in time has made me so small
Then when I confessed to her.

With that, my heart, it fell into a minor key,
And all the dreams that she’d be mine eternally,
They fell away from me with seven little words,
And I can only wish that I had never heard that she said,
“I don’t want to be your girl.”
Track Name: Sleeping Pills and Beer
Sleeping pills and beer

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