Space Wolves IV

by Space Wolves

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Sunshine or dark, Sprosser or Lark, It really doesn’t matter when. Evening or light, Jet black or white, I lose my days time and again, And clocks don’t tell me when I’m done; They ain’t no fun. My ruler’s not the sun. I’m blessed I’ve always been non-circadian. Midnight or noon, Sunlight or moon, It really always feels the same. Morning aubade or serenade, And both their times should be declaimed. Nocturnal souls, they miss the light; Diurnal men, they miss the night, But I have both within. Non-circadian.
My girl’s always fooling around. I know she’s fooling around. Oh yeah, she’s fooling around. So, now I want to know. So, tell me. I want to know. Just tell me. I want to know.
Deborah Stagg, she killed a cop. She made his neck fizz like a soda pop. A pair of scissors from her shelf Was all she carried to defend herself. He tried to beat her; he tried to take her. She sent that fucking pig to meet his maker. That’s why I’ll always love you, Deborah Stagg. Deborah Stagg, she hates police. Their brand of justice left her with no peace. So when the fuzz knocked down her door, she left his body lying on the floor.
Anymore 00:45
I’m not sure if you miss me, Or if you ever even liked to kiss me. You left and I’m crying. I’m in such pain; it feels just like I’m dying. ‘Cause now I’ll never see you anymore. You’re out my door. I’ll never see you anymore.
Ethel 02:34
When I’m weak, when I’m blue, I find that I turn to you. I turn around and you’re there. Share my joys and despairs. I can’t escape how I feel. Make my world spin and reel, Ethel, my love. Make me sing; make me yell. Lead me on straight to hell. Knock me down; knock me out. Cloud my mind. Steal my doubts. Treat me kind; treat me cruel; I’ll come back like a fool, Ethel, my love. I kiss your lip. I raise my wrist. I take one sip and…
Die Trying 01:56
Irene 01:31
Her eyes are steel blue, but still piercing even at a glance. Her mood is unassuming, but all the boys are in a trance. Though quiet when she’s smiling, she’s painfully beguiling. Irene
The consternation you cause me is making me pissed. You’re going straight to the top of my enemies list.
Do you want to go halfsies on a rock? And we can have fun together.
I stand up shaking, filling with such deep regrets, Cursing memories I just can’t forget. Does she still love me? Does she still care? Does she still love me, And can I repair our affair? My heart is racing, filling with such deep regrets. Alone without her, I’m just an empty silhouette, The filter of a cigarette, so lonely and upset. All day I’m longing to be by her side, Hopelessly wondering, “Is she?” Could I rekindle the flames in her heart? Does she still have that soft spot for me?
I hate your 10” record. It doesn't fit into my 7” boxes. It gets lost in my LP boxes. I hate your 10” record and I probably hate you too.
Break Up 01:26
No one’s love will take me and make it all better. Since nothing’s going to change, then I’ll have to upset her. I know it doesn't make sense, but life’s a little better alone. Wake up, break up, ‘cause life’s a little better alone. Don’t make up. Just break up. So shake up—‘cause you've always known you love being alone.
Alone 02:08
My eyes, I see the world through, So helplessly from my own view. You might as well be made of stone, For we all shall die alone. My thoughts are mine and mine alone. My mind, to you, remains unknown. And though you try to learn what’s shown, Still, we all shall die alone. You are utterly yourself. You spoil upon a far off shelf. So cry your unheard, baleful moan, For we all shall die alone.


released September 7, 2013


all rights reserved



Space Wolves Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, NY

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